Old US Mint Receipts

Sometimes when people decide to sell their coins – either to invest in other coins or to generate cash – they forget to remove their receipts.

We’ll mention briefly that it’s not good to leave any identifying information in things you sell or get rid of in other ways. In today’s world, there are too many unsavory characters who look for personal information in order to steal from people. Always look through your “stuff” and remove any of your personal identifying information before you sell, give away or trash your possessions.

Now, with that out of the way, take a look at this recent find in a group of coins:

1959 Proof Set Receipt US Mint


This receipt shows the order and shipment for the 1959 proof sets which included the first year of the Lincoln cent with the new memorial reverse. 

The receipt paper was once a pale blue but has aged to a brownish blue color. The circles on the right look similar to the holes for feeding paper into a line or dot matrix printer. Did the Mint have computers and line printers to help them manage their orders in 1959? Maybe, but it’s not likely. 

Much of the form was pre-printed in black and red ink with the information pertinent to the individual’s order typed using a carbon to make copies. A red number “2” in the upper right specifies this was a copy.

In the upper left, information about the form and the US Mint shows:

1959 Proof Set Receipt Mint Information

Across the top, the header notes this is a Proof Coin order rather than a Mint Set order from the Philadelphia Mint location:

1959 Proof Set Receipt header

Below the header in red ink, the Mint cautions that you must use your order number for any correspondence about your order:

1959 Proof Set Receipt mint message

This makes you wonder how many of these they sent to their customers? This receipt arrived with the shipment. How would one know the order number prior to receiving the sets unless the Mint sent you an earlier copy? Hmmm…wonder how many of these sheets were in one form…

The next block provides information specific to this order:

1959 Proof Set Receipt number of sets

The order was received on March 13, 1959 for two proof sets for the year 1959. The cost of the two sets was $4.20 with the type of payment “PM.” What were the payment choices in 1959 – cash, check, money order? What was “PM?”

The shipment type was “PP,” and since that was pre-printed, the customer did not have a choice in shipment. Last in this section, the order number was 73853.

The subsequent block, also pre-printed, shows the insurance:

1959 Proof Set Receipt insurance

Next, the address block certainly looks to be from a typewriter, but old line printers had simplistic printing too:

1959 Proof Set Receipt address block

Though Mr. Smith may no longer be with us, or he could have moved from his 1959 address, we’ve blocked the information to protect his identity. Oh, and did you notice? This address is before zip codes.

In the lower left of the receipt, the blank for the date shipped is shown:

1959 Proof Set Receipt Date Shipped

This order began on March 13 and was shipped on September 15 as shown by the blue inked date stamp.

Collectors are also curious people. It’s interesting to see the original documentation and the original owner of the sets.

Too bad there are unsavory people. This receipt will be placed in the shred pile rather than continue with the proof sets.