Collectors’ Anonymous

Have you ever noticed? Collectors (e.g., coin collectors) have a tendency to collect more than one thing. They collect different types of coins: old but nice circulated coins, proof and mint sets, commemorative sets, foreign coins, and whatever other coins strike their interest. Some also collect stamps and sports cards, but they also collect “stuff.”

“Stuff” can be useful items or just junk, but it’s a collection.  There must be something in their DNA strand to make a collector collect. Regardless of usefulness or junkiness, their collection must be maintained. But, that’s OK – as long as it doesn’t take over!

Maybe there should be a Collectors’ Anonymous for the very intense collectors and their families and friends. Maybe there should be a limit to the number of collections, and if one wants to start a new collection, they have to remove an earlier collection. Maybe there should be a buddy system – collector paired with a non-collector – to insure the collecting gene doesn’t get out of control.

Yes, this post has tongue firmly planted in cheek….

Have fun with your coins, stamps, sports cards, medals, magnets, teddy bears, beanie babies, or whatever you choose to collect!