New Coin Challenge for November

The October coin show has been and gone. In just a few weeks, the November show will be upon us (Sunday, November 13, 2011).

Our new coin challenge prior to the November coin show includes the Washington monument:

Coin Challenge Washington Monument

The Washington monument has been in the news recently after being damaged by the earthquake on August 23, 2011.

Recent pictures showed engineers hanging from ropes near the top of the monument checking for cracks and structural damage. Updates to their progress can be found on the National Park Service’s press release site for the Washington Monument Earthquake Update.

Our coin’s Washington monument, however, is perfect even though this coin was minted two years before the restoration project on the monument. That restoration project continued for several years and ended with a celebration in the year 2000.

But, the Washington Monument is not the focal point of this coin.

Let’s take a look at a couple of hints for the Coin Challenge – Monument:

  1. As already noted, it is a modern coin
  2. Since it was several years prior to 2000, and therefore before 1999 too, it’s not a state quarter

The first hints shouldn’t make the coin challenge easy, so we will wait to add any other hints.

As usual, we will identify the coin by posting the answer to the coin challenge on the main atlcoin web site after the next monthly coin show.

Have fun working on this challenge!