The coin show promoter and bourse chairman is Bob O'Brien. He began his lifelong interest in numismatics as a young child and continues to be fascinated with coins and currency 50 or so years later.

At the coin show, you can readily find him at the first table on the right as you enter the bourse. He might wander the bourse looking at the various treasures, but he remains busy at his table most of the time.

Visit the Contact Us page for how to contact him between shows.

The 2024 monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Shows are the thirty-seventh year of the monthly coin shows.

In its history, the coin show has been in a few venues in the North Metro area. One hotel was our home for a number of years, but they would not renew our contract for 1996. Instead, they wanted their space available for potential rental associated with the Atlanta Centennial Olympic Games.

The next hotel was a good location for several years as well, but a fire closed that venue.

The third hotel provided excellent service for a couple of years, but their limited parking challenged the ability of both coin dealers and guests to enjoy the show.

Our fourth location was a great place with easy access and lots of parking, but issues outside our control forced us to find a new location for 2011.

The coin shows moved to their current location in 2011, only the fifth different location in the show's many years.

This fifth location will continue as the home of the monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Shows in 2024.

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Coin Show

Coin Show - General Information

For obvious reasons, coin shows require security. The Greater Atlanta Coin Show utilizes security with Jim Sherrill's security company.

Jim has extensive experience. He retired as a Sergeant of the Atlanta Police Department after many years serving the City of Atlanta.

Jim has provided excellent coin show security since the show began in 1988.

You will also see him providing security for other coin shows such as the Georgia Numismatic Association and the Blue Ridge Numismatic Association shows in Dalton Georgia.

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Coin Show Bourse Chairman

The current location, the Hilton Atlanta/Marietta Hotel and Conference Center, offers beautiful space, numerous parking spaces and history. For example, the site was once home to the Georgia Military Institute patterned after West Point. It operated from 1851 to 1864.

Today, the location boasts a beautiful hotel, a large conference area, an 18-hole golf course and Brumby Hall, the historically restored home of Colonel Arnoldus Brumby, which was spared during Sherman's burn of the south.

Starting the thirty-seventh year of monthly coin shows - that's a lot of coin shows! Some years we did thirteen shows, and in a small handful of years we missed a month. Once was due to a hotel fire, another was a spring ice storm and still another was hotel renovation delays. Of course, COVID impacted the show dates as well.

Through December 2023, we completed 429 monthly coin shows outside the issues listed above.

The coin show is still fun and still going strong! We welcome all visitors ranging from the regulars we see each month to the new, never-been-to-a-coin-show attendees. Remember, admission is free.

Coin Show Security

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