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Coins - 2009 Proof Set


For the largest proof set ever, the US Mint included eighteen coins in the 2009 Proof Set.

Wow! Count 'em: the four special cent coins, the six quarters for the District of Columbia and the US Territories; the four presidential dollar coins for the ninth through twelfth US Presidents, the Native American dollar coin, the half dollar, the ten cent and five cent coins for the total of 4 + 6 + 4 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 = 18 coins!

The face value for the 2009 Proof Set coins was also the largest ever at $7.19 along with the largest issue price of $29.95 per set.

2009 Proof Set Package

That many coins required four separate lenses to hold the different collections of coins. Of course, the box had to be larger at 3 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches by 1 3/8 inches.

Though a different color, the outer box remains the style with openings on each end. The left end is sealed with a bar code identification on the outer flap. the right end opens to allow the removal of the four lenses and the certificate.

Powder blue marks the dominant color on the box. The front includes a partial picture of the Statue of Liberty similar to that of earlier proof sets but with more of the statue shown. The front inscription says, "2009 UNITED STATES MINT PROOF SET" in the white area with the statue in the background on the left. On the lower portion of the front of the box, the US Mint's seal and trademarked banner is centered over "UNITED STATES MINT"

The inscription, "2009 UNITED STATES MINT PROOF SET," repeats on both long sides of the box in white font.

On the back, a pale blue-toned picture covers all of the box and is identified with an inscription in black font as "UNITED STATES MINT AT SAN FRANCISCO."

2009 Proof Set

Inside the 2009 Proof Set, four lenses hold the eighteen coins. The US Mint included a double-folded Certificate of Authenticity that, of necessity, had to be much larger to hold the specifications for all of the coins in the set.

2009 Proof Set package 

2009 Proof Set Content and Proof Coins

One lens holds the five cent, ten cent, half dollar and Native American dollar coins. The obverse of the dime, half dollar and dollar remained relatively consistent through the years. With the recent Westward Journey versions of the nickel, this obverse is not new, yet it has not been around long either. This facing portrait of Jefferson on the nickel began in 2006.

The lens looks somewhat similar, however notice the coins appear to float instead of being tightly held in card stock circles. The lens still holds the coins securely with an interior clear plastic holder to allow you to view all around the rim of each coin.

A pale blue-toned card surrounds the coins and shows a portion of the US Constitution beside a US flag. At the top, "USA" between two stars is embedded in the interior plastic along with two stars at the bottom, one to the left of the half dollar and one to the right of the dollar coins.

2009 Proof Set obverse

On the reverse, again the dime and half dollar did not see any change. Plus, the nickel reverted to the Monticello design in 2006. But, in 2009, the US Mint introduced a new reverse design for the Native American dollar. This first new design shows a Native American woman planting seeds in a field of corn, beans and squash.

The reverse of the card stock surrounding the coins looks to be random brush strokes in pale blue. In between the coins, the US Mint's seal and trademark banner printed in black and white floats over the "UNITED STATES MINT" written in white font.

2009 Proof Set reverse

Another lens holds the six quarters for the District of Columbia and the US Territories including Washington DC, Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, US Virgin Islands and the Northern Mariana Islands.

2009 Proof Set Proof Quarter Lens

With all of the obverse designs the same, the US Mint used the brush stroke image to surround the coins. Plus, you will note the card stock holds the quarters within their individual circles.

In the middle of the coins in black and white print, the US Mint printed their seal and banner over "UNITED STATES MINT."

2009 Proof Set quarters obverse

The quarters' reverse images, each reflecting their history, are held in the card stock. In the pale blue-toned background, an image of the treasury seal shows on the left and a portion of our flag on the right.

2009 Proof Set quarters reverse 

2009 Proof Set Proof Penny Lens

The next lens holds the four special cent coins celebrating the bicentennial of Abraham Lincoln's birth year. The obverse shows the coins held tightly in card stock. Once again, the image appears to be random brush strokes, this time in gray. In the middle of the coins is the US Mint seal and banner in black and white over white lettering, "UNITED STATES MINT."

2009 Proof Set pennies obverse

The reverse side of lens shows the coins in a gray-toned portion of our red, white and blue flag. The top coin begins the four set journey with the Early Years in Kentucky. The next coin to the right shows the Formative Years in Indiana. At the bottom, the coin represents Lincoln's Professional Life in Illinois. Lastly, to the left, the coin shows the white house to represent his Presidency in Washington, DC.

2009 Proof Set pennies reverse 

2009 Proof Set Proof Dollar Lens

The fourth lens holds the four presidential dollar coins. 2009 is the fourth year of the presidential coin program and includes the ninth through twelfth US Presidents: William Henry Harrison, John Tyler, James K. Polk and Zachary Taylor.

The obverse shows the four coins floating in plastic surrounded by card stock showing elements of our flag and a partial view of the Bill of Rights.

At the top, "USA" between two stars is stamped in the interior plastic. At the bottom, two more stars are embedded in the plastic inside the set.

The inscription states, "UNITED STATES MINT PRESIDENTIAL $1 COIN PROOF SET™" in white font between the coins.

The rim view of the dollar coins explains the floating packaging. Click here for a closer view of the lettered edge.

2009 Proof Set dollars obverse

The reverse design remains consistent for each of the presidential coins. They are held in card stock with a pattern of random brush strokes, this time in gold. Between the coins, the US Mint seal and banner is printed in black and white over "UNITED STATES MINT" in white letters.

2009 Proof Set dollars reverse 

The Certificate of Authenticity grew dramatically to hold the message from the US Mint Director. Click here to see the details of the message.

2009 Proof Set package and certificate side 1

The specifications for eighteen separate coins require significant space as well. Click here for the coin specifications.

2009 Proof Set package and certificate side 2 

2009 Proof Set Year Population and Cost of Living

The world population in 2009 was 6,809,972,000. In 2010, the world population is estimated at 6,811,600,000.

$100 in 2009 equals $101.03 in 2010 dollars using the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Inflation Calculator.

New houses in 2009 cost $270,100 which would be $272,874.81 today.

The average income was $46,242 per year ($46,717.06 in today's dollars).

Gas was $2.41 per gallon ($2.43 in today's money).

The average new car was $26,300 ($26,570.19).

(Chart views into the cost of living changes throughout the Proof Set years)

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