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Coins - 2000 Mint Set - larger images

The 2000 mint set included two informational inserts about the uncirculated coins and two re-order cards for ordering more 2000 mint sets. One of each insert was placed in the envelope for each mint.

The front of both inserts in the 2000 mint set closely copied the design on the front of the envelopes.

The insert for Philadelphia demonstrates the front design. The Denver insert is similar except it is red in color and had "Denver" in the last zero of the year.

2000 Mint Set front of Philadelphia insert describing uncirculated coins

Inside each insert, the US Mint discussed the new, first-time-ever Sacagawea golden dollars and listed the new five state quarters in the 2000 mint set.

Both inserts, this one for Philadelphia and the other one for Denver, included the same information except for references to Philadelphia or Denver. See the third line from the top which reads "Uncirculated Versions of All U.S. Legal Tender Coins from the Philadelphia Mint."

2000 Mint Set inside top of Philadelphia insert

The bottom section inside the insert identifies the specifications for the five new state quarter uncirculated coins including their designs, artists, metal composition, weight and size. The quarters were for Massachusetts, Maryland, South Carolina, New Hampshire and Virginia.

2000 Mint Set inside bottom of Philadelphia insert

The back of the folded insert shows the coin specifications for the cent, nickel, dime,  half dollar and dollar uncirculated coins. Note the details of the new Sacagawea golden dollar on the right.

2000 Mint Set back of insert describing uncirculated coins

For the 2000 mint set, the US Mint added a re-order card - a blue-printed card in the Philadelphia envelope and a red-printed card with the Denver uncirculated coins.

2000 Mint Set re-order card for more uncirculated coins

On the other side of the card, the US Mint suggested additional uncirculated coin sets as gifts for family and friends with their instructions for placing the order.

2000 Mint Set reorder uncirculated coins for gifts

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