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Coins - 1997 Proof Set


After a steady decline in mintages with a low point in 1996, the 1997 Proof Set mintage started back toward two million at 1,975,000 sets.

The 1997 set includes five coins at a face value of $0.91 and was sold at that time for $12.50.

For 1994 through 1998, the US Mint packaged the annual proof set using kelly green colors.

1997 Proof Set Package

On the "green" versions, the package continued to include "Mint" in the inscription on the flap of the box. As shown below, the outer script says, "United States Mint Proof Set • 1997."

The box dimensions are 3 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches by 3/8 inch. On the back of the box is the heraldic eagle design in silver within a 2 inches by 2 inches area.

1997 Proof Set

The 1997 proof set includes five coins spaced individually in round holes in a green card stock insert between two clear pieces of plastic. After sealing, the plastic becomes a protective lens for the coins. In addition, a folded certificate with green text on an off-white field was placed inside with the lens. (Note: The acrylic easel is for display only and was not part of the proof set.)

1997 Proof Set package 

1997 Proof Set Contents and Proof Coins

The beauty of the cameo proof coins can easily be seen on the obverse of the proof coins. At the bottom of the lens resides the script "United States Mint Proof Set" in raised letters. In the upper left corner, smaller raised letters say, "PACKAGED BY U.S. MINT."

1997 Proof Set obverse

Once again, on the reverse the background of the coins shines while the design shows the lustre of the cameo proof. Notice the heraldic eagle in raised relief above the half dollar.

1997 Proof Set reverse

Inside the folded Certificate of Authenticity contains a message from Philip N. Diehl, the Director of the Mint at that time. The message is in green font on a matte, off-white background. Click on 1997 Proof Set Certificate of Authenticity to view the contents of the message.

1997 Proof Set certificate inside 

On the back side of the folded certificate, a table includes the coins' specifications. Click 1993 Proof Set Coin Specifications to view the details.

1997 Proof Set specifications  

1997 Proof Set Year Population and Cost of Living

The world population in 1997 was 5,840,000,000. In 2010, the world population is estimated at 6,811,600,000

$100 in 1997 equals $135.04 in 2010 dollars using the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Inflation Calculator.

New houses in 1997 cost $124,100 which would be $167,586.03 today.

The average income was $49,692 per year ($67,104.63 in today's dollars).

Gas was $1.29 per gallon ($1.74 in today's money).

The average new car was $19,531 ($26,374.88).

(Chart views into the cost of living changes throughout the Proof Set years)

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