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Coins - 1990 Prestige Set

In 1990, the US Mint recognized the 100th anniversary of Dwight D. Eisenhower's birth with a silver dollar commemorating his service in the military service and his two terms as the 34th President of the United States. 

The size and outer format of the packaging remained the same as the recent years with only minor changes in the colors used for the outer box, inner book and Certificate of Authenticity

The 1990 Prestige Set contained six proof coins, five standard coinage, a commemorative silver dollar celebrating Eisenhower.  The coins equal $1.91 in face value. The US Mint initially sold the 1990 Prestige Set for $45 which would be $74.93 in 2010 money using the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Inflation Calculator.

The dark blue-green outer box highlights the silver print of the heraldic eagle emblem and the inscription "UNITED STATES 1990 PRESTIGE SET."

The two-piece box measures 5 1/4 inches by 7 3/8 inches by 1 5/8 inches when closed.  

1990 Prestige Set box

The two-piece outer box holds the book containing the six coins and the Certificate of Authenticity.

Plush blue-green velvet covers the outside of the coin book with metal brackets protecting the velvet covered corners of the book. On the front cover, the metallic heraldic eagle design decorates the center of the book.  

1990 Prestige Set package

Inside the front cover, off-white padded fabric highlights the silver print of the heraldic eagle and the inscription "UNITED STATES MINT 1990 PRESTIGE SET." 

A red, white and blue ribbon attaches to form a triangle across the lower left. This ribbon can be used to secure the Certificate of Authenticity inside the set. 

On the right, plastic in two colors of blue-green holds the coins securely. The coins' obverse and reverse designs can be seen behind clear acrylic. At the top, the silver commemorative silver dollar takes the prominent position in the book.  

1990 Prestige Set obverse

Inside the back cover, a softly padded off white fabric similar to the inside of the front but without any inscription protects the clear acrylic over the reverse of the coins. 

1990 Prestige Set reverse

The 1990 Prestige Set honored the centennial of our 34th President's birth. Dwight D. Eisenhower was born in Texas in 1890. His family moved to Abilene Kansas shortly thereafter where Eisenhower spent his formative years.

Enamored with history, his mother locked his history books away on occasion to make Eisenhower perform his chores and his other school work.  Even his classmates thought he would become a professor of history in his career.

Instead, Eisenhower went to West Point and served in the Army. Performing well in staff positions, he served Generals Pershing, MacArthur and Krueger.  Later, he commanded the Allied Forces landing in North Africa in November 1942, and on D-Day in 1944, Eisenhower was the Supreme Commander of the troops invading France.

After the war, he served as President of Columbia University until taking a leave of absence to head the NATO forces being formed in 1951. But, people who knew him well went to his offices in Paris to convince him to run for President in 1952.

Eisenhower won the Presidency and began serving his first term in 1953. Despite a heart attack in September 1955, Eisenhower went on to win a second term in office in November 1956.

A synopsis of Eisenhower can be found on the White House web site of Presidents. Plus, the Dwight D. Eisenhower Library in Abilene Kansas includes details about his life and contributions.

The commemorative silver dollar shows two profiles of Eisenhower. The rear profile facing left shows him with his military rank of five-star general. The foremost profile facing right shows him as he was as the 34th President.

Along the upper rim, the inscription says, "EISENHOWER CENTENNIAL." "LIBERTY" and "IN GOD WE TRUST" is written across the coin, and "1890 - 1990" follows the bottom of the rim.

1990 Prestige Set commemorative silver dollar obverse

The reverse of the commemorative silver dollar shows President Eisenhower's home at Gettysburg. The home sits beside the Gettysburg Battlefield with views overlooking the South Mountain.  President Eisenhower used the home as a retreat from the busy demands of the presidency and as a peaceful meeting place with world leaders.

Today, the National Park Service maintains the Eisenhower Gettysburg home as a national historic site. In addition to a tour of the home with its many displays, visitors can see a working Angus cattle farm.

The reverse of the coin shows a view of the home similar to that on the National Park's web site without the putting green in the foreground.

Around the upper rim, the inscription shows "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA." Below the home, the inscriptions include, "EISENHOWER HOME" and "E PLURIBUS UNUM." "ONE DOLLAR" shows in the bottom circle of the coin.

1990 Prestige Set commemorative silver dollar reverse

Dwight D. Eisenhower served his country for many years. The 1990 Prestige Set honors and remembers that service with the beautiful Eisenhower commemorative silver dollar.

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