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Coins - 1987 Prestige Set

The 1987 Prestige Set commemorated the bicentennial of the Constitution of the United States. The US Mint kept the size and design begun with 1986 set but with different colors and a format change for the Certificate of Authenticity.

The 1987 set contained six coins with five standard proof coins and one commemorative proof silver dollar honoring the US Constitution. The coins equal $1.91 in face value. The US Mint initially sold the 1987 Prestige Set for $45 which would be $86.21 in 2010 money using the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Inflation Calculator.

The soft cloudy blue of the outer box contrasts the silver print of the heraldic eagle emblem and the inscription "UNITED STATES 1987 PRESTIGE SET."

The two-piece box measures 5 1/4 inches by 7 3/8 inches by 1 5/8 inches when closed. 

1987 Prestige Set box

Inside, the two-piece box securely holds the book containing the six proof coins and the Certificate of Authenticity.

Slightly darker blue suede covers the padded exterior of the book with metal brackets protecting the corners. In the middle, the heraldic eagle in the form of a metallic emblem decorates the cover of the book.

1987 Prestige Set package

Inside the front cover, a dark blue heraldic eagle design and the inscription "UNITED STATES 1987 PRESTIGE SET" contrasts on an off-white padded fabric. In addition, a red, white and blue ribbon attaches across the lower left. This ribbon could be used to hold the Certificate of Authenticity.

To the right, blue plastic in two colors holds the six proof coins securely. Each coin, obverse and reverse, are protected between clear acrylic.

The commemorative silver dollar takes the prime space at the top of the set with the standard proof coins arranged to make the set.  

1987 Prestige Set obverse

Inside the back cover, a softly padded off white fabric protects the clear acrylic over the reverse of the coins.  

1987 Prestige Set reverse

The obverse of the commemorative silver dollar honors the Constitution of the United States by recognizing its 200th anniversary. In 1787 "delegates," "deputies" or "commissioners" from the states met in Philadelphia. Through much debate behind closed doors, the Constitution was drafted in roughly 100 working days. And, remember, the framers of the constitution did not have telephones, radio, television, cell phones, computers, type writers, motorized vehicles or any of the technology we enjoy today.

George Washington was unanimously chosen to preside over the Constitutional Convention. Delegates consisted of men chosen by the legislative body within their state, and states were not restricted by how many men they could send. Fifty-five delegates attended the Convention but only thirty-nine signed the Constitution.

The average age of the delegates was 44 with the youngest, Jonathan Dayton of New Jersey, at age 26 and the oldest, Benjamin Franklin of Pennsylvania, at 81. Franklin who was called the Sage of the Constitutional convention was in poor health and had to be carried to the meetings in a chair.

James Madison was called the Father of the Constitution and was attributed with the idea of three branches of government - Executive, Legislative and Judicial. During the Convention, Madison kept a journal. In 1837, Madison's papers including the journal were purchased by the federal government for $30,000. 

The obverse of the commemorative coin shows a sheaf of paper and a quill pen with the calligraphic script "We the People" which begins the Constitution (see images below). Beneath the sheaf of paper are thirteen stars representing the original thirteen states. "IN GOD WE TRUST" is inscribed above the paper. "THE U.S. CONSTITUTION 200th ANNIVERSARY 1787 - LIBERTY - 1987" traverses around the obverse rim of the coin.

1987 Prestige Set commemorative silver dollar obverse

The reverse of the coin shows American men and women from various points in our history. The larger figures in the front wear the clothing representative of the early years in our history.

The reverse contains several inscriptions: "E PLURIBUS UNUM," "UNITED STATES OF AMERICA" and "DOLLAR 1." 

1987 Prestige Set commemorative silver dollar reverse

Fifty-five men drafted the Constitution in roughly 100 working days. Amazingly, they built the framework for our government in a very short time that has worked for over 220 years.

The images below show the four pages of the United States Constitution. Click on each image for a larger view. Plus, a transcript of the US Constitution can be found on the National Archives web site. 

1987 Prestige Set US Constitution Page 1


1987 Prestige Set US Constitution Page 2


1987 Prestige Set US Constitution Page 3


1987 Prestige Set US Constitution Page 4

The men of the Constitutional Convention should be revered and honored. Their foresight and wisdom has transcended not only time but the many changes to our world - locally, nationally and globally.

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