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Coins - 1982 Proof Set


The US Mint used the same box design of the earlier two years, but the 1982 proof set included only five coins. A medal replaced the dollar coin since no dollars were minted in 1982. This would be the last year for this package design for the proof sets. The proof set's five coins were the Lincoln cent, Jefferson nickel, Roosevelt dime, Washington quarter and Kennedy half dollar for a total face value of $0.91. In 1982, the US Mint charged $11 for the annual proof set.

1982 Proof Set Package

On the shiny black outer box of the 1982 proof set, silver-colored script identifies the "United States Proof Set" with "1982" centered below. The box measures roughly 3 1/2 inches by 4 7/8 inches by 1/2 inches. Also, the box is open at the top unlike earlier and later proof set boxes that wrap the lens protecting the coins.

1982 Proof Set 

On the back of the proof set box, the silver-colored diagram shows how to remove the coins' lens from the black plastic case and insert the lens for display. At the top, the box includes an indention to easily pull the proof coins from their enclosure.

1982 Proof Set back

The proof coins held in the black plastic display slide out from the top of the box.

1982 Proof Set contents

1982 Proof Set Contents and Proof Coins

In order to view the other side of the coins, the lens slides out of the black plastic holder and display stand.

1982 Proof Set slides out of black stand

On the front of the black plastic (see picture above), "UNITED STATES PROOF SET" is written in raised letters coated in silver colored paint. On the opposite side, a silver coated heraldic eagle decorates the center of the black plastic.

1982 Proof Set two separate pieces

For an upright display, the proof set lens inserts between the lettered edge and the two black tabs, one on each side.

1982 Proof Set display

Most likely due to the lack of public interest in the Susan B. Anthony dollar, no dollar coins were minted in 1982 through 1998. For the 1982 proof set, the US Mint included a medal in the dollar slot of the lens.

Also in 1982, the price increases for copper changed the composition of the Lincoln cent for the circulating pennies during the year to a copper plated zinc. But, the proof cents in the 1982 proof sets contained the copper alloy, 95% copper and 5% zinc.

The red plastic insert holds the five coins and one medal securely between the clear outer plastic of the lens. At the lower left, the obverse of the medal shows the Department of the Treasury seal.

1982 Proof Set obverse 

Turning the proof set over to view the reverse, the medal in the upper left corner includes the heraldic eagle with "UNITED STATES PROOF SET" around the medal's edge.

1982 Proof Set reverse 

1982 Proof Set Coin Specifications

The specifications for the coins in the 1982 annual Proof Set:

 Denomination  Cent Five Cent Dime  Quarter  Half Dollar







Designed by

  V.D. Brenner

  Felix Schlag

  John R. Sinnock




 Lincoln Memorial


Torch, Olive Branch, Oak Branch

Heraldic Eagle

Heraldic Eagle

Designed by


 Felix Schlag

 John R. Sinnock

John Flanagan

Frank Gasparro


95% Copper, 5% Zinc

25% Nickel, 75% Copper

Cupro-Nickel Clad, 8.33% Ni, Balance Cu

Cupro-Nickel Clad, 8.33% Ni, Balance Cu

Cupro-Nickel Clad, 8.33% Ni, Balance Cu


 3.110 g

5.000 g

2.268 g

5.670 g

11.340 g


 0.750 in 19.05 mm

 0.835 in 21.21 mm

 0.705 in 17.91 mm

0.955 in
24.26 mm

1.205 in
30.61 mm







In later sets, the US Mint advises, "To preserve the beauty of your Proof Set, it should be stored in a cool, dry place."

1982 Proof Set Year Population and Cost of Living

The world population in 1982 was 4,615,594,636. This represents 67.4% of the world's population in 2010.

$100 in 1982 equals $225.96 in 2010 dollars using the Bureau of Labor Statistics' Inflation Calculator.

New houses in 1982 cost an average of $83,900 which would be $189,580 in 2010 dollars.

The average income was $14,531 per year which equals $32,835 in 2010 dollars.

Gas was $1.222 per gallon which would be $2.761 in 2010 money.

The average new car was $9,890 equivalent to $22,348 in 2010.

(Chart views into the cost of living changes throughout the Proof Set years)

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