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Coins - 1960 Mint Set


The 1960 mint set held ten coins with five coins from the Denver mint and five from the Philadelphia mint. In the 1960 mint set, six of the ten coins were 90% silver - the two dimes, two quarters and two half dollars.

One pliofilm sleeve edged in blue held the Philadelphia minted coins, and one with red edges contained the Denver minted coins for the total of ten uncirculated coins.

The 1960 mint set came in a yellow envelope with the two sleeves of uncirculated coins and cardstock inside. The front upper left corner of the envelope shows "Treasury Department," "Office of the Treasurer," and the Washington address. The upper right states, "Postage and Fees Paid US Treasury Department." The envelope's lower left shows the number 12. 

1960 Mint Set Package

1960 Mint Set package

The two pieces of cardstock fit on either side of the two pliofilm sleeves to protect the ten uncirculated coins inside the envelope. Quite a number of the 1960 Mint Sets traveled through the postal service in these envelopes.

1960 Mint Set opened showing contents and uncirculated coins

1960 Mint Set Uncirculated Coins

The Denver minted coins fit in the red edged pliofilm on the left along with a gray token printed with red ink identifying the mint. The second, dark blue edged pliofilm on the right holds the five coins minted in Philadelphia and the gray token printed in blue showing the mint.

1960 Mint Set obverse images of uncirculated coins 

The 1960 mint set's pliofilm sleeves hold the uncirculated coins in their individual compartments. The uncirculated coins slide easily within their small space in the protective film.

The coins' reverse images can be readily seen through the clear pliofilm. The gray tokens for each mint have the same printing on the front and the back.

1960 Mint Set reverse images of uncirculated coins 

The red printed token in the 1960 mint set identifies that sleeve as "Uncirculated Coins of Denver Mint Distributed by U.S. Treasurer's Office."

1960 Mint Set red and gray Denver Mint token 

The same, yet printed in blue, the Philadelphia mint token in the dark blue edged pliofilm sleeve shows "Uncirculated Coins of Philadelphia Mint Distributed by U.S. Treasurer's Office."

1960 Mint Set blue and gray Philadelphia Mint token

1960 Mint Set Coins and Metals

The 1960 Mint Set's uncirculated coins contained the following metals:

Penny: 95% copper; 5% zinc
Nickel: 75% copper; 25% nickel
Dime: 90% silver; 10% copper (0.07234 troy ounce of pure silver)
Quarter: 90% silver; 10% copper (0.18084 troy ounce of pure silver)
Half Dollar: 90% silver; 10% silver (0.36169 troy ounce of pure silver)

The 1960 Mint Set contains 1.22974 troy ounces of silver with the three 90% silver coins in each pliofilm sleeve equal to 0.61487 troy ounce of pure silver.

Click on Mint Set Population to view the contents of the sets through the years. Take a look at the overall Mint Set page to see how the values compare among the sets.

1960 Mint Set Year - News about Coins and the US Mint

(note: the below links to newspapers open in a new window)

New Franc Has French Confused 
Youngstown Vindicator - January 2, 1960
President Charles de Gaulle's government opened the new year with a currency reform. The new franc is worth 100 times the old franc or 20 US cents. What cost 7500 francs yesterday will be 75 francs today.

US Mint Still Turning Out the Best Coins 
The Bonham Daily Favorite - February 14, 1960
The annual test performed this week determined the US Mint still turns out good coins. An 18-member assay commission appointed by President Eisenhower last month completed the test at the Philadelphia mint.

US Coins Vanishing Fast in Some Areas 
Saskatoon Star-Phoenix - May 2, 1960
American coins, which once made up almost a third of the change in Canadian pockets, are becoming a rarity in Canada. On April 7, Canadian banks began discounting US coinage. Almost overnight US coins became highly unpopular.

Flawed Pennies Trigger US Treasure Hunt 
The Deseret News - July 27, 1960
The nationwide treasure hunt started when UPI reported a Washington coin dealer placed value on certain pennies of up to $8 and perhaps even more. The particular pennies include a "small date" with the Philadelphia issued coins more sought after than the Denver minted coins.

Dutch Bank to Revive Gold Ducat 
The Montreal Gazette - November 12, 1960
The Netherlands Twentsche Bank plans to reintroduce gold coins for the first time since 1937. Each ducat will contain 3494 grams of gold of 983 alloy and be sold at the rough equivalent of $7US. The bank official commented that many people prefer gold coinage and that gold is popular with collectors.
The Passing Parade
Reading Eagle - November 18, 1960
The United States Mint and banks across the nation are wishing people would open their piggy banks and get more pennies into circulation. There is a serious shortage of cents. In response to a letter from area banking officials, the mint director, W. H. Brett, responded that early in the new year they will appear before Congress requesting more budget for coin production.

Pranksters Redecorating US Quarters 
The Telegraph - December 10, 1960
Red and silver quarters with George Washington dressed as a Roman Catholic cardinal circulate widely in some parts of the country. The coins, known as "Kennedy quarters," represent the upcoming inauguration of the first Roman Catholic president. Though there is no law against the painting of the quarters, some banks may take them out of circulation and return them to the mint for recoining.

The 1960 Mint Set Year included news of world coins - French, Dutch and Canadian - along with penny shortages, valuable small date pennies and red-colored quarter coins. 

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