Found Items – American Historic Society Walking Liberty Half Dollar Coin

This found item is interesting in that it includes a coin and a stamp from 70 years ago.

The front of the collectibles holder shows two opposing American flags blowing in the breeze with an oval portrait of a woman between the flags. The female figure is similar to the upper portion of the design on the Walking Liberty half dollar coin. The blue ribbon across the front includes “Walking Historic Liberty” with “Stamp & Coin Collection” written beneath the ribbon.

American Historic Society Stamp and Coin Collection front

Inside the folder, a portrait of President Franklin D. Roosevelt shows on the right. On the left, under “1941” is the text:

“America fought tyranny overseas and celebrated freedom at home. The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, finally bringing the United States into World War II. FDR signed the Lend-Lease Act, authorizing war supplies to the Allies, and purchased the first U.S. Savings Bond. And in a lasting tribute to American ideals, Mt. Rushmore was completed. Lou Gehrig died, while Joltin’ Joe DiMaggio hit safely in a record 56 straight baseball games. “How Green Was My Valley” won the Oscar for Best Picture.”

The bottom portion includes the obverse of the Walking Liberty half dollar coin from 1941 and an airmail stamp.

American Historic Society Stamp and Coin Collection inside

On the back of the collectibles holder, the upper portion identifies this is from the “American Historic Society” with their “Certificate of Authenticity” for the “Historic Walking Liberty Half Dollar Stamp & Coin Collection.” 

“This Certifies that this Historic Stamp & Coin Collection contains a genuine legal-tender coin and authentic commemorative postage stamp issued by the Government of the United States of America. Further, this U.S. postage stamp and U.S. Mint coin have been authenticated by the American Historic Society as part of America’s national heritage and designated genuine heirloom-quality collectibles.”

American Historic Society Stamp and Coin Collection back

The obverse of the 1941 Walking Liberty half dollar coin shows A.A. Weinman’s portrayal of Liberty “walking into the dawn of a new day.” This coin shows wear and does not do his design justice, but it’s there nonetheless.

Walking Liberty 1941 half dollar coin obverse

Though worn, the reverse of the Walking Liberty half dollar coin shows Mr. Weinman’s eagle high on a mountain crag.

Walking Liberty 1941 half dollar coin reverse

The front of the red six cents air mail stamp provides insights into the air travel of the era by showing a two engine prop plane flying through the air.

American Historic Society 1941 airmail stamp

Now, what is this set really worth as a “genuine heirloom-quality” collectible?

Well, as a set, it’s not that important to numismatists. For purists, it’s not from the US Mint, and therefore the set does not have as much value. Plus, the worn coin is not attractive as a rare coin collectible.

The stamp could be important to philatelists (stamp collectors), but not so much to numismatists.

The set could be interesting to historians or to World War II collectors, but finding those individuals could be difficult.

But with the current silver prices and even with the wear, the coin will remain valuable for its silver content if not as part of the Stamp & Coin Collectible.