“Pert Near”

Many years ago, more than I care to count, a high school teacher shared his interests in the origins of the odd words used in the hills of North Georgia, Tennessee and the Appalachian mountains. Though, I don’t remember him ever discussing “pert near,” I do remember family members using the term. It means “almost” or “close to.”

Yesterday and today, gold “pert near” hit $1390, and silver “pert near” reached $25.

Amazing. On the first business day of 2010, January 4, the gold market closed at $1122.50. The silver market closed at $17.56. Just amazing.

Earlier in the year when the pundits predicted $1500 gold by the end of the year, people were skeptical. Now, who knows. gold could reach that point.

But, there’s an election the first Tuesday in November. The election results could be the catalyst for the prices to change – up or down.

Plus, the pundits currently predict there will be profit-takers in the near future. When several people begin selling creating a glut on the market, the prices will drop.

On the other hand, circumstances are different in today’s global environment, both economically and politically. Historical actions and reactions for gold and silver can help predict the future market. Then again, today’s unique conglomeration of events and characteristics could yield different reactions on the market.

In the meantime, let’s see if gold can get “pert near” $1500 or higher and silver to $26 or $27 or…