Americana Series Take#2

A while back, we did a post on Silver Collections showing an Americana series in comparison to advertisements from the 1970s for year sets.

Take a look at this full page advertisement from the early 1990s for the Americana Silver Coin Collector’s Series:

Americana Series collector sets advertisement

The sets in the advertisement show different holders, but their contents compare to the ones in the red, white and blue holders:

Americana Series Three Different Sets

Their early 1990s ad offered the Yesteryear Collection, the Vanishing Classics Collection and the Presidents Collection which could have been purchased individually for $29.95 or all three could have been obtained for only $69.95. Using the Bureau of Labor Statistics CPI Inflation Calculator that $29.95 equates to roughly $48 in 2011 dollars with the $69.95 being $112 in today’s marketplace.

Could these sets be worth today the amount charged in the advertisement?

Probably not. It depends on the ability to find someone willing to pay that much for them. They certainly would not bring the values with inflation over the years included.

Too, the savvy collector in the early 1990s could have built the same sets back then with better coins for less money than the company behind this advertisement charged.

In all likelihood, the condition of the coins in these red, white and blue sets would prevent them from bringing a premium price. In fact, the coins – at least the silver ones in the sets – are probably worth more for their metal content than as part of historical collectible sets.

The three silver coins in each set – the dime, the quarter and the half dollar – contain 0.61487 troy ounce of silver. Though silver prices have dropped from their recent high numbers, the metal’s price along with each coins’ condition make them worth more as silver.

The coins in the three sets do not tell all of the history of the nation’s coins, but they certainly provide examples of some of the most iconic coinage.

It’s disappointing that their historical significance does not make the sets much more valuable.

Maybe someday in the near future, these sets, or ones similar, will be more valuable as more and more of the older coinage is melted for its silver content.