US Mint’s Monthly Message

Did you know? The US Mint provides an email alert each month called Coins Online to let people know of recent coin releases or other important US Mint news.

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The March highlights include the US Mint products:  Abigail Fillmore First Spouse Gold Coin, the Boy Scouts of America Centennial Silver Dollar, and the first five quarters honoring America’s National Parks. Plus, the message provides a glimpse into April’s product releases and gives the month’s highlight in the H.I.P. Pocket Change Coin of the Month program.

The presidential coin for Millard Fillmore as our thirteenth president was released in February. The first spouse coin for Abigail Fillmore followed in March. The first spouse coin is one-half ounce of 24 karat gold, however the US Mint also offers as a set the dollar coin and a companion first spouse medal. The set contains an uncirculated version of the Millard Fillmore presidential dollar and a first spouse bronze medal with the same obverse and reverse as the first spouse gold coin.

Perhaps the presidential dollars and the first spouse coins are more historical, but the National Parks coins are more beautiful!

The first set of five National Parks quarters include Hots Springs in Arkansas, Yellowstone in Wyoming, Yosemite in California, Grand Canyon in Arizona and Mount Hood in Oregon.

There will be 56 National Park quarters released starting this year, 2010, through 2021. The 56 sites have been chosen from each of the 50 states and the six territories represented in the 50 State Quarters and the District of Columbia and U.S. Territories programs.

The sites were ordered by when they were recognized as a national site. The quarters will be released at a rate of five per year in that order.

Hot Springs National Park became recognized as a national site in April 1832. [Yellowstone – March 1872, Yosemite – October 1890, Grand Canyon – February 1893, Mount Hood – September 1893]

In the US Mint’s fact sheet for the America the Beautiful Quarters Program, the release dates for the 2010 quarters are:

Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas – April 19, 2010
Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming – June 2010
Yosemite National Park, California – July 2010
Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona – September 2010�
Mount Hood National Forest, Oregon – November 2010

Won’t it be fun to collect these quarters?