Fisticuffs and sports Baseball Commemorative Half Dollar Coin

Today, the Baseball Commemorative Half Dollar Coin remembers the sporting event of 102 years ago.

On June 30, 1913, the New York Giants bested the Philadelphia Phillies in ten innings. Coming from behind, 10-1, in the tenth inning, New York scored ten runs to win 11-10 at Philadelphia.

The Phillies had been in first place in the national league, but the Giants big come back moved them to first and the Phillies to second in the middle of the season.

The Reading Eagle summarized the game:


Philadelphia lost a 10-inning battle to New York yesterday afternoon, was unable to stand up under the crucial test and dropped into second place.

The score was 11 to 10. It was a weird battle full of bone-headed plays.

The score:

New York: R-11 H-14 O-30 A-17 E-5

Philadelphia: R-10 H-14 O-30 A-17 E-3


From a different view, the Rochester Post Express provided information about a different type of battle:


The New York Giants by beating the Phillies in ten innings yesterday went into first place in the National league. They didn’t get there until made to fully appreciate the Phillies are a tough club.

McGraw, the Giant’s leader, had to go through two battles before leaving the Philadelphia ball yard. He had a mix-up with Al Brennan, the Philadelphia southpaw, and was knocked cold.

There had been some bad feeling between the two players all through the game. Brennan was on the bench and McGraw occupied the coacher’s box at third, right opposite .

As the teams were leaving the field and about to enter the clubhouse, the hostilities broke loose.

McGraw and Mike Doolan were walking side by side to the clubhouse and Brennan was some distance in front when McGraw said, pointing to Brennan: “That’s the fellow I am after and I am going to get.”

Doolan told the Giants’ manager he had better not start anything around here as he might get all that was coming to him. McGraw paid no attention, but marched off to get Brennan.

Addie was wise to what was coming off and turned as McGraw approached him.

McGraw stepped back as if to hit him and Brennan rushed in with a left hand hook and knocked the New Yorker cold.

Then the police and players interfered and separated the men.

McGraw had the side of his face badly cut.


The Baseball Commemorative Half Dollar Coin shows against the background of a modern major league baseball game.

Baseball Commemorative Half Dollar Coin