Hot Off The Presses!

At yesterday’s Greater Atlanta Coin Show, we received a “just released” copy of the book GOLD! At Pigeon Roost from one of our dealers, Al Adams. He and another gentleman, Fred N. Holabird, collaborated on the contents to provide information about “The Story of America’s First Gold Mining Scrip.”

GOLD! At Pigeon Roost front cover

The back cover provides a synopsis of the contents:


America’s first gold rush started in North Georgia in 1828, twenty years prior to the California Gold Rush.

The Pigeon Roost Mining of Auraria, Georgia was at the heart of the Georgia Gold Rush in the 1830s.

Out of this assortment of varied and motley gold seekers emerged an innovative group of “Twenty Niners” who, out of necessity, developed mining techniques, banking and assaying systems in a remote area at a time when the world was not technologically advanced. There was no such thing as mining geology or geologic mapping practiced in the United States.

Georgians were the first to engage in these unusual pursuits, that lead the way for mining, banking and assay house systems that flourished during the California Gold Rush.

Georgia’s Pigeon Roost Mining Company was the first major operating mine in the 1830s. They issued private scrip in lieu of United States coin, which rarely circulated on the Appalachian frontier. Others followed suit.

This book recounts the stories of the Georgia Gold Rush, the Pigeon Roost Mining Company and similar ventures over several decades through the Civil War.

GOLD! At Pigeon Roost back cover

In the book, the authors share their knowledge by telling the stories of the era in their text and by providing many visual supporting documents to substantiate their historical account.

Sample pages:

GOLD! At Pigeon Roost sample pages #1

GOLD! At Pigeon Roost sample pages #2

In the back of the book, a couple of pages describe the authors’ extensive backgrounds and credentials.

GOLD! At Pigeon Roost sample pages #3

Those of you who attend coin shows – local, regional and national – may recognize Al Adams, one of the contributors to the book.

Al Adams Gold Rush Memorabilia

In his description, Al comments, “I caught gold fever and never found the cure.”

Given today’s market prices for gold, perhaps many others will be catching “gold fever” as well!

GOLD! At Pigeon Roost may be a small and inexpensive book, but it provides a wealth of well-written and interesting information about early gold mining in Georgia including the various associated processes.

You can find more information about Al at his web site Gold Rush Gallery. For more information about obtaining your own copy of the book, contact Al via email: