Dahlonega Gold

In 1840, how many $5 gold pieces (half eagles) were minted by the Dahlonega Mint?

Per the population resources, just under 23,000 coins were minted that year in Dahlonega. Additionally, the resource states that scarce varieties exist.

This past weekend, a friend showed us three – count ’em, three – different 1840D $5 gold pieces that he has collected.

Today, we take for granted computers, imaging programs and computerized machines that can quickly transfer artists’ obverse and reverse renderings into dies for the minting process.

In 1840, the dies were made by hand. And, in 1840 at least three different dies were made for the $5 gold piece minted in Dahlonega.

Today, the Dahlonega mint is partially remembered at Price Memorial Hall at North Georgia College and State University. Were these dies made at the Dahlonega Mint, now Price Memorial, or were they made at some metal worker’s shop? Was the metal worker local or from somewhere else?

There are Dahlonega gold collectors, and of those, there are a few who have studied in great detail the history and workings of the Dahlonega Mint.

Numismatists, in general, learn history. Some learn the numismatic history where others additionally learn about the era when the coins were used and how they came about.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to learn more about the Dahlonega Mint?

An author, Douglas Winter, wrote about the Dahlonega Mint from a numismatic viewpoint. In addition to his knowledge and research, Mr. Winter tapped into expert collectors of Dahlonega Gold and Dahlonega Mint history.

In the meantime, it was interesting to see all three varieties of the 1840D $5 gold coins side by side. Interestingly, Dahlonega gold continues to hold collectible value over and above the rising cost of an ounce of gold – whether in low or high grade condition.

Have fun researching and learning about Dahlonega gold. Start your own collection of coins that are both investment and collectible quality.