Gold and Metal Prices

Some people prefer this site for the most current gold and silver prices:

This site provides an at-a-glance view for a variety of commodity metals including current prices for 90% silver and 40% silver coins along with the most popular gold and silver coins.

To see their historical charts, click on the circle with the blue squiggly line under the chart heading. They include 3-month, 6-month, 1-year, 5-year and 10-year charts for each of the listed commodities. Provided, of course, the commodity was available for those periods of time. For example, the American Gold Buffalo first appeared in 2006.

For an interesting exercise, open the 1-year charts for several comparable commodities in different tabs in your browser. For example, open the year chart for Gold Bullion, American Gold Buffalo, American Gold Eagle, Gold Philharmonic. Gold Maple Leaf and Gold Krugerrand.

Next, click from one tab to another for a quick view on how the related (one troy ounce of gold), yet different, commodities performed throughout the year. Note the time span across the x-axis remains the same, but take a look at the y-axis on the left as it changes among the commodities. The peaks and valleys appear relatively consistent with perhaps a day or two difference, but the prices vary slightly among the different commodities.

Within those same tabbed windows, change the chart type to the 3-month chart for each commodity. Next, click among the charts to see the variances.

Interestingly, the American Gold Buffalo performed differently than the other commodities in the October and early November time frame. The Gold Buffalo began the quarter performing better than its counterparts but came in line with the others in December.

Very interesting…