The Dahlonega Mint a.k.a. Price Memorial

Recently, I learned Georgia’s Secretary of State placed archival pictures online in what they call a Virtual Vault.  They digitally copied many old photos, categorized them and added search engine tags.

Take a look at this picture of the “Chestatee Mint” which is known in numismatic circles as the Dahlonega Mint.  Chestatee Mint Engine Room, circa: not listed but between 1838 & 1861

The archives did not provide a picture of the outside of the original Dahlonega Mint in operation, however a few early pictures of Price Memorial exist in their archives. Of course, Price Memorial was built on the foundation of the mint building which burned.

North Georgia Agricultural College – Price Memorial from front right, circa: not listed

North Georgia College – Price Memorial and Cadets from front, circa: 1900

Another 1900 view of Price Memorial on right

North Georgia Agricultural College – Price Memorial and Cadets from front right, circa: 1891

Today, Price Memorial houses administrative offices as part of North Georgia College and State University.

However, part of the old mint can be seen on display at Price Memorial. In the basement, doors open to view the area where the ore was delivered by wagons. 

Though campus tours  are available, you may want to check to see if the tours include the areas particular to the Dahlonega mint.

In the meantime, the Virtual Vault contains several pictures of the various mines in Lumpkin County near Dahlonega. Go to the Vanishing Georgia page. Scroll down. Select “Lumpkin” in the county field then click on Search.

Just a quick visit back in time to see the mint and the old gold and copper mines.