50th anniversary reunion Battle of Gettysburg Commemorative Silver Half Dollar

Today, the Battle of Gettysburg Commemorative Silver Half Dollar remembers the reunion of the blue and gray in 1913.

The July 1st Gettysburg Times described the area:


Reunions by the score are in progress on the battlefield today and all over the broad expanse of the three days’ battles may be seen little groups of men holding their ceremonies and exercises in memory of their deeds of valor of fifty years ago.

While twenty reunions were in progress in the big tent along the Emmitsburg Road, an equal number were being held at regimental monuments, at the statues of the commanding officers and other points of interest on the battlefield. From the farthest point north to the southern boundary of the field of gatherings were held though, today being the anniversary of the opening of the battle, the greater number took place north of town.

Many of these reunions are held as the result of programs arranged some weeks ago, with the speeches and ceremonies carefully planned. Others are impromptu affairs gotten up after the veterans arrived here and everything being carried along in an informal fashion.

Reunions of another sort could also be seen where the old soldiers by twos and threes found each other, and in camp or on the field they spent hours talking over the affairs of fifty years ago.

One veteran arrived here from Wisconsin today to find eighteen Confederate of whom he had personal charge after the battle. He made every effort to locate them, but was unsuccessful. The camp is replete with stories of the veterans finding men, who in ’63 stood side by side with them, or whom they faced in the midst of the fighting, and many touching scenes have followed.

A glimpse in many of the tents reveals these little reunions or reminiscence parties in progress and many are the stories that the canvas could tell.


The Battle of Gettysburg Commemorative Silver Half Dollar Coin shows beside a picture of the reunion camp in July 1913.

Battle of Gettysburg Commemorative Silver Half Dollar Coin