Her bank was her bustle – Barber Dime Coin

Today, the Barber Dime Coin remembers a story published in the Spokane Chronicle on August 7, 1896:


Her Bank Was Her Bustle

Thousands of Dollars Were Carefully Stowed Away.

Providence, RI, Aug. 7.—When Miss Delia McGreen, the faithful housekeeper of the Ocean View hotel, Block Island, died last Monday she left a fortune tucked away in her old bustle.

There were $800 in silver and gold certificates and United States currency, two bank books for large amounts, some other securities and a check for a considerable sum.

The woman’s personal effects, aside from these, are of no value.

The whole schedule of assets will reach a total of $25,000.

The strangest part of this extraordinary affair is that the bustle was picked up among other effects in the rooms occupied for so many seasons by Miss McGreen and cast away into a discarded sugar barrel.

A hasty examination had been made of the bustle by those cleaning up the apartments and nothing unusual was noticed in its make-up.

The servants at the Ocean View were about to remove the old clothes and rubbish that had been thrown into the barrel, when it occurred to one of them that the bustle looked a little queer, and the covering was torn from the wires and cords.

A big bundle of bank notes dropped out.


The Barber Dime Coin shows against an image of a lady in a dress with a bustle, circa 1890s.

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