When is a new, pocket change nickel worth more than $.05?

Interestingly, in today’s economic times, people are collecting their loose change and turning it into cash. You know, that loose change that gets thrown on the counter, in a drawer or maybe a change jar.

That causes the banks to be flush with change – pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters. When banks have plenty of certain coins, the US Mint quits minting those coins for circulation.

In turn, that means any 2009 minted coins of those types can be more valuable as a collectible than their face value.

Currently, people are looking for nickels, dimes and quarters minted in 2009 and will pay more than 5, 10 and 25 cents for them.

As for the 2009 pennies, those already have a rarity and increased value due to the commemoration of Lincoln this year.

Take a look in your pocket change for 2009 mint marks. If you find one or two or three, set them aside. Be careful to minimize any scratches and any fingerprints on the coins. Yes, they are circulated, but prevent any further scratches or finger grime from damaging the coins.

They are already worth more than face value. Could their worth increase? Who knows….it’s dependent on the actual number minted, the condition of the coins and their availability in the marketplace.

But, isn’t it fun that pocket change can still be a treasure hunt!