The Friday Metals 06252010

Interesting, the metals fell this week, but they quickly began climbing again. One commonly held opinion is that since options come due the third week of the month, the metals fall during that week. We’ll do a graphical study of historical third week performance in the near future.

But, for today, here’s gold:

30 Day Gold Performance - 06252010

Next, silver:

30 Day Silver Performance - 06252010

Third is platinum:

30 Day Platinum Performance - 06252010

Fourth is palladium:

30 Day Palladium Performance - 06252010

Now, what about the numerical performance of the 30 day lows and highs:

  30 day high 30 day low Jun 25 Last Difference between
High and Low
Gold $1,259.50 $1,203.50 $1,255.70 4.4%
Silver $19.37 $17.36 $19.10 10.4%
Platinum $1,605.00 $1,495.00 $1,569.00 6.9%
Palladium $502.00 $421.00 $477.00 16.1%


And, back to the point of third week performance, how does today’s New York close compare to last Friday’s:

  Jun 18 Last Jun 25 Last Percent Change Dollar
Gold $1,256.50 $1,255.70 -0.1% -$0.80
Silver $19.17 $19.10 -0.4% -$0.07
Platinum $1,589.00 $1,569.00 -1.3% -$20.00
Palladium $488.00 $477.00 -2.3% -$11.00


Just look, gold and silver almost climbed back to their levels of last Friday but not quite back to their recent highs of $1259.50 and $19.37 respectively.  Platinum and palladium’s performances are too shabby, but since they do not get the same attention as gold and silver, they did not get as close to their values of last week. Remember, sometimes that lack of media attention also protects those metals’ values.

Wonder what next week’s performance charts will be – mountain climbers or ditch diggers….