Col. Steven Ellsworth on Coin Show Security

Col. Steven Ellsworth shows the 16 major (3 and 4 day) shows with the best security in 2009 in this article in Numismatic News: Expert Ranks 2009 Coin Show Security. (You can find other pertinent security articles on Col. Ellsworth’s web site. Here’s one: Coins and Home Security.)

Many of his comments in the Numismatic News article seem directed to coin dealers, however these same security issues apply to coin collectors and investors as well.

Col. Ellsworth chose not to mention the names of the security companies for the 16 shows he determined to have the best security.

However, let’s shine a beacon of light on two of the shows in Col. Ellsworth’s list: the Blue Ridge Numismatic Association, Dalton GA and the Georgia State Numismatic Association, Dalton GA.

Those of you who visit the Greater Atlanta Coin Show see Jim Sherrill providing security for our monthly show. Jim’s security company also provides the security for both the Blue Ridge Numismatic Association and the Georgia Numismatic Association shows in Dalton.

We are proud to say that Jim has provided security for the monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Show since it began over 20 years ago.

Kudos to you, Jim Sherrill, for the recognition from Col. Ellsworth, and thank you for your years of security service to the monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Shows.

Well done, my friend, well done.