Colorized Coins

Have you seen the colorized coins? Or, maybe you’ve seen a hologram coin. Perhaps you think they’re pretty with all the color and special effects. Well, they are kind of neat.

Have you wondered about their value as a collectible coin?

Within that specialized collector community, perhaps the colorized coins will maintain their purchase value. But, if you look within the numismatic community, many true coin collectors consider colorized coins to be a sacrilege.

That’s not to say that you won’t find some dealers at a coin show with colorized coins for sale. Those coin dealers observed that casual collectors like the pretty colors and will buy the colorized coins.

But, if you seriously want to collect or invest in rare or valuable coins, colorization is not considered either rare or valuable within numismatic circles.  In other words, the coins generally do not appreciate in value over time and can frequently be worth less than what you paid.

If you like and enjoy colorized coins, have fun collecting them. But, collect them with the expectation that if you want to sell at some point, you could have difficulty finding someone to pay above the coins’ legal tender value.