Kids and Collecting

Have you ever noticed? Young children love to collect treasures. Their treasures can be rocks, string, bits of metal or anything that catches their imagination as a treasure. Have you also noticed that young children are very curious and inquisitive?

Let’s see, collecting and curiosity – both are traits of the coin collector! Why not introduce a child to coin collecting to satisfy their treasure collecting interests and their curious natures? 

The state quarter series provides an inexpensive way for children to start a coin collection. At first, they can collect the quarters as circulated coins in pocket change. Later, they can learn about mint marks, grades and other coin collecting characteristics.

Learning opportunities abound for the young collector. They can learn responsibility and earning as they do small jobs in the neighborhood for pocket change. They can learn money and personal interactions as they request quarters in change when they buy something. When they start getting more interested, they can learn how a bank works by going to the bank for rolls of quarters to search for the missing coins in their collection.

Plus, the quarter coins teach history and geography while the children collect them.

Peak a child’s interest and get them started on a lifelong hobby that can be fun, interesting and valuable.