The New 2009 US Mint Proof Set

At our show in July, several of our coin dealers had the new 2009 Proof Sets available on the bourse. Have you seen one yet?

In the early years of proof sets, there was  one container to hold all the proof coins for that year. With all of the new coins being offered, the 2009 set has four, count ’em – FOUR!, containers for all of the coins.

One proof coin container holds the “standard” coins – the dime (Roosevelt), the nickel (Jefferson), the half (Kennedy) and the dollar (Sacagawea).

A second holder includes the four new Lincoln cents – Birth and Early Childhood – Kentucky (1809-1816), Formative Years – Indiana (1816-1830), Professional Life – Illinois (1830-1861) and his Presidency – Washington DC (1861-1865). Learn more about the 2009 Lincoln Cents: US Mint’s Lincoln Redesign. All of the Lincoln proof coins are available in the set even though the last two have not been released into circulation yet.

The third container protects the six new quarters – some are in circulation and some have not yet been released. The 2009 unique quarters honor the District of Columbia, The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, Guam, American Samoa, The U.S. Virgin Islands and The Northern Mariana Islands. Learn more here: US Mint’s DC and Territories Coins including how the designs were chosen by DC and each of the territories.

The fourth proof frame secures the four 2009 dollar coins. This year the US Mint releases coins for William Henry Harrison (9th president), John Tyler (10th), James K. Polk (11th) and Zachary Taylor (12th). You can find each of these presidential coins  on the US Mint’s web site honoring the presidential coins for circulation.

Now, would you like to see the packaging for the new 2009 Proof Set?

2009 Official Proof Set
2009 Official Proof Set

 Here’s a slightly different view that shows how thick the proof set boxes became with the new 2009 Proof Set:

2009 Proof Set - Thick Box
2009 Proof Set - Thick Box
At the next show, take a look at the new Proof Sets. You may decide you want one or two or more!