More Technology Issues

Sorry folks…I haven’t been able to do the planned coin posts due to the technology battles.

The good news is the new, replacement computer is up and operational. Its new Windows 7 64-bit operating system presented several challenges, most (but not all) of which have been conquered.

After first thinking the cable modem was damaged by the electrical storm, one lesson learned is that specific cable modem is not compatible with the Windows 7 operating system. After much frustration and gnashing of teeth thinking there would be more $$ spent to get the system operational, I decided to install a wireless router that had been purchased several months ago but not installed due to security concerns.

The router connected between the new system and the incompatible cable modem worked. That’s two good news stories. The incompatibility could be circumvented, and the cable modem didn’t get fried in the electrical storm. 

More good news is the old Microsoft Office applications (10 years old) installed on the new system without a hassle other than typing in the long product key strings.  That’s really good news. The newer Microsoft Office applications’ human interface is so different that doing tasks that were almost second nature become difficult and time-consuming. Learning new applications is not a bad thing, but when the old applications do what you need and you don’t have the extra time to get used to a new interface, why change if you don’t have to upgrade?

One bad news, not too bad, discovery in this process is the electrical storm appears to have damaged the seven port USB hub. But, additional USB port devices are much cheaper today than when that one was purchased. So, no worries.

The latest challenge includes setting up the network print capabilities for remote printing since the router is now up and operational.

That should be an easy task, but no…   The new system is Windows 7 64-bit and the remote machine is a Vista 32-bit computer. That causes all kinds of driver challenges to make it work properly.

I’m sure I will be successful – eventually – but it’s a pain in the derriere to deal with in the meantime.