We’ve learned the Louisville Railway School Ticket in yesterday’s blog post is an Atwood-Coffee KY510AL  token. It’s brass, 24mm and valued at $2.00.

Oh, if only the token could share it’s rich history, it would be worth so much more.

Just imagine.

Little Johnny carried it in his pocket as he ventured to and from his school each weekday.

Or, maybe it was little Sally instead. She carefully placed it in her purse where she could find it easily every morning and afternoon.

I’m voting for little Sally.

It’s not as worn as to be expected if it was in little Johnny’s pocket along with the rocks, marbles and other treasures little Johnny kept in his pocket.

Little Sally probably kept the token safe in a small compartment in her purse, or perhaps wrapped in a dainty handkerchief.

We’ll never know since the token can’t tell its secrets, but just imagine the tales it could tell.

On a serious note, many thanks go to Richard Greever, President of the National Token Collectors Association, and webmaster for the token catalog who quickly responded to our query about the token.

Learning about other people’s collectible interests can be fun.