“Coin Shows Simply Cannot Be Replaced”

Coin shows provide an experience not available elsewhere as noted by a recent COIN DEALER newsletter which stated, “No Substitute for Coin Shows,” on their front page.

Their article talked of the high end markets, the bullion markets, buying from home on the internet and coin shows.

In particular, they commented, “However, coin shows simply can’t be replaced. The hands-on action, camaraderie, and the thrill of haggling, are very important aspects of the hobby for so many participants. There is just no substitute for such qualities within the fraternity.”

Think about it.

The large coin shows offer auctions of high end numismatics in addition to the variety of dealers and collectibles on the bourse floor. These auctions provide an opportunity to view and bid on collectibles not readily available online or in your local coin shops.

But, talking of online, the coin shows, large and small, provide the ability to view the specific numismatic items – either in the auction lots or on the bourse – with your own eyes and your own loupe.

Shopping from home is convenient and easy. But, coin collecting is tactile to a certain degree. At a coin show you have the opportunity to touch the coin – at least the protective holder – or other numismatic item you are considering for purchase.

Ever heard of WYSIWYG (pronounced wi-si-wig)? That’s one of the best advantages of a coin show – What You See Is What You Get. You get to see, compare and select the best collectible to fit your budget and your collection.

And, with the increased number of counterfeit coins and currency, closely inspecting the items before you make your purchase becomes even more important.

In addition coin shows provide educational experiences in talking with the coin dealers and other numismatists visiting the show. Many numismatists could talk for hours about their favorite hobby, in particular, their special interests within the hobby.

Plus, other collectors and dealers with their knowledge and experience offer suggestions of the important characteristics to review for the individual numismatic collectibles – of which you may not be aware.

As the article noted, there is also the give and take of haggling that people enjoy at coin shows. Bidding for a coin online (for example, eBay) or buying one outright from a reputable online coin dealer just doesn’t offer the same excitement as the process of haggling to get the best deal.

In short, coin shows can be loud, noisy and chaotic to the uninitiated. But, for the experienced coin show attendees, a coin show offers a variety of fun and excitement not found elsewhere in their search for numismatic treasures.