Commodities including gold and silver

Pundits appear frequently to add their comments about gold, silver and commodities. Some of them gained their experience as observers. Others gained their experience actively researching and investing.

This gentleman from Alabama successfully invests in the international markets. Take a look at some of his commentaries about the economy – in general – and about gold and silver – in particular.

Here’s an interview he did for BusinessWeek:  Jim Rogers on Why Gold is Glittering So Brightly

Along those same lines, here’s an interview he did for Bloomberg TV: Jim Rogers Live Interview from Singapore

On Yahoo Finance: What Recovery? America’s Problems “Getting Worse, Not Better,” Jim Rogers Says

In that article, “The problems in last two years came from industries that are heavily regulated: banking, insurance, mortgage,” he notes. “Now what? You’re going to make the regulations tougher? It’s not the regulations, it’s the regulators.”

You can find more from his Blog:  Jim Rogers Blog  or from his website: (Note: scroll in the left area to find links to his most recent interviews and comments.)

An interesting man…is he right? Who knows for sure, but his expertise provides him more background and more knowledge than some we see and hear frequently….