The Friday Metals 01142011

All the metals went up this week, and all the metals – except platinum – turned downward at the end of the week.

Let’s look at the charts. Gold, first:

30 Day Gold Performance 01-14-2011

Next comes silver:

30 Day Silver Performance 01-14-2011

Third is platinum:

30 Day Platinum Performance 01-14-2011

Last is palladium:

30 Day Palladium Performance 01-14-2011

Both platinum and palladium enjoyed new, near-term high values. On the other hand, gold and silver recovered some lost ground at the beginning of the week, but after peaking on Wednesday, they fell backwards again.

Let’s look at the tables showing the 30-day highs and lows along with the end of week New York closing values.

  30 day high 30 day low Jan 14 Last Difference between
High and Low
Gold $1,421.60 $1,358.00 $1,361.80 4.5%
Silver $30.91 $28.39 $28.48 8.2%
Platinum $1,824.00 $1,695.00 $1,811.00 7.1%
Palladium $819.00 $737.00 $794.00 10.0%


Both gold and silver need to rise again to reach and exceed their most recent high values.

Now, let’s compare the end-of-week values with last week’s details:

  Jan 7 Last Jan 14 Last Percent Change Dollar
Gold $1,369.80 $1,361.80 -0.6% -$8.00
Silver $28.69 $28.48 -0.7% -$0.21
Platinum $1,731.00 $1,811.00 4.6% $80.00
Palladium $750.00 $794.00 5.9% $44.00


Both gold and silver fell below last week’s closing values, but platinum and palladium grew.

Could it be the world markets for automobiles influencing platinum and palladium? Or, could it be the whole multitude of products and machinery that utilize the platinum and palladium metals driving their values upward?

And, why have gold and silver dropped recently?

Perhaps a study of the news releases – political and economic – for the last week would provide some insights.  Although, in today’s world markets, it’s difficult to pinpoint any one reason.

Stay tuned. The upcoming week will provide more entertainment as the metals go up and down.

PS…as observed at today’s coin show, many people are taking advantage of the lower silver prices and buying silver – both coins and bullion.