A screwdriver and a simpler time – Utah State Quarter Coin

Today, the Utah State Quarter Coin shares a tale of a simpler time 100 years ago.

In their December 30, 1914 newspaper, the Spokesman-Review published an item for the previous day.


Cashier’s Screwdriver Brings Recovery of Robber’s $18,000 Loot

Bingham, Utah, Dec. 29.—A man who gives the name of Bert Heasted held up Cashier Earl Randall, two men and a boy at the Bingham State bank at 3 p. m. today, took $18,000 in gold and currency and was arrested without resistance soon afterward. The cashier carried a screwdriver in his pocket, to be used, he says, in case he was locked in the vault, as was done with the cashier in another Utah bank robbery recently, and as was done with himself today.

Heasted was dressed as a miner and entered the bank without arousing suspicion. He made the three men and the boy lie on the floor, bound them, locked them in the vault and then took the money. Randall used his screwdriver to open the vault from within and was able to escape and give the alarm in a few minutes. Policeman J. H. White overtook Heasted, arrested him without trouble and found all the money in the man’s clothing.

Heasted says he came to Bingham from Colorado about a month ago. Another man who had been observed with an automobile in readiness for two days past has been arrested on suspicion of having been a confederate of Heasted.


The Utah State Quarter Coin with a screwdriver remembers a simpler time.

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