Tough times – 238 years ago – Benjamin Franklin Founding Father Commemorative Silver Dollar

Today, the Benjamin Franklin Founding Father Commemorative Silver Dollar coin talks about the events in the Continental Congress 238 years ago.

On that day, the obverse, Mr. Franklin, played a prominent role as did the reverse, the Continental dollar, in the treasury decisions.

Journals of the Continental Congress, 1774-1789 THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26, 1776

Agreeable to the order of the day, Congress proceeded to the appointment of commissioners to the court of France.

Resolved, That three be appointed.

The ballots being taken, Mr. [Benjamin] Franklin, Mr. [Silas] Deane, and Mr. [Thomas] Jefferson, were elected.

Resolved, That a committee of four be appointed to prepare the draught of letters of credence to the above gentlemen, and that the said committee report the ways and means of providing for their subsistance.

The members chosen Mr. [Robert] Morris, Mr. R[ichard] H[enry] Lee, Mr. [George] Wythe, and Mr. J[ohn] Adams.

Resolved, That secresy shall be observed until the farther Order of Congress; and that until permission be obtained from Congress to disclose the particulars of this business, no member be permitted to say anything more upon this subject, than that Congress have taken such steps as they judged necessary for the purpose of obtaining foreign Alliance.

Resolved, That an express be sent to Mr. Jefferson to inform him of his appointment, and that a copy of the resolve for secresy be at the same time transmitted to him, and that he be requested to inform the president at what time and place the vessel shall meet him.

Congress proceeded to the election of a committee to go to Ticonderoga; and the ballots being taken,

Resolved, That the members be two.

The members chosen, Mr. [Richard] Stockton and Mr. [George] Clymer.

Resolved, That the committee now appointed be directed to draw up, and report to Congress, a set of instructions for the commissioners, relative to their entering into treaties or negotiations with other foreign states in Europe.

Resolved, That the Secret Committee be directed to deliver to Lieutenant Pendleton, 8 lb. of powder, for the use of his company.

The Committee of Treasury reported, that there is due,

To Jacob Shizens, for half ferriages of the militia and their baggage over Neshaminy ferry, 17 40/90 dollars:

To James M’Cree, for boarding nine men of Captain Grier’s company 18 days, at the rate of 10/ ∥=1 dollar and 1/3d∥ per week, 30 77/90 dollars:

To John Teney, for supplying the militia with 201 meals of victuals on their march to New Jersey, 20 9/90 dollars; and to Philip Upright, for supplying them with 996 meals, 99 54/90 dollars, both sums making 119 63/90 dollars, to be paid to Adam Kimmel:

To John White Swift, for two receipts of Brigadier General Wooster, one dated 17th January, for 240 dollars, and the other 8 March, for 25 half Johannes, with interest allowed thereon, being six months, 18 days, at 6 per cent. amounts to 206 54/90 dollars, both sums making 446 dollars and 54/90 of a dollar:

To John Shultz, for boarding and lodging sundry continental troops, £75 12 6 ∥=201 60/90 dollars;∥ and, for boarding and nursing sundry sick troops, £11 1 7 ∥=29 40/90 dollars,∥ both sums making £86 14 1 equal to 231 dollars and 19/90 of a dollar:

To Captain Philip Graybill, of the German batallion, the balance of his account for arms, accoutrements, &c. for the use of his company, and for provisions supplied them on their march from Maryland to Philadelphia, 1,168 5/90 dollars.

∥Ordered, That the said accounts be paid.∥

Resolved, That the committee appointed to superintend the publication of the journals, be empowered and instructed to employ Robert Aitkin, to reprint the said journals from the beginning, with all possible expedition, and continue to print the same: And that this house will purchase of him 500 copies of the said journals when reprinted; and further, that he be directed to purchase, on reasonable terms, such parts of the journals as Mr. Bradford, and Cist & Co. have printed, and not yet published, to be paid for by the Congress.

Resolved, That General Washington be directed to procure, as soon as possible, an exchange of the officers and soldiers taken on Long Island, for the same number of British officers and privates, now prisoners to the United States.

The several matters to this day referred, being postponed,

Adjourned to 10 o’Clock to Morrow.

The Benjamin Franklin Founding Father Commemorative Silver Dollar coin shows against a background of eyeglasses, a quill pen and a piece of paper.

Benjamin Franklin Founding Father Commemorative Silver Dollar