Coin Show Room Change for February

Our next coin show is this Sunday, February 12, 2012. Initially, the coin show was scheduled for downstairs.

But, the hotel was able to move the coin show to the Joe Mack Wilson ballroom on the main conference floor.

The coin show opens at 9 am to the public and closes at 5 pm. As always, everyone is welcome, and the admission is free.

According to, the weekend will be cooler (46°), but the day is expected to be mostly sunny. Granted, we’re several days away from the weekend, but it will be a great day to visit a coin show.

The coin show provides a variety of coin dealers representing a broad spectrum of interests in coins, currency, bullion and other interesting collectibles. The coin dealers sell, buy and trade in their specialties and interests. They also provide free, verbal appraisals for your related treasures.

For experienced numismatists and investors, visit the various dealers to view the interesting collectibles they offer to add to your collections.

For people new to the hobby or just curious, you are welcome to visit the coin show, look around and ask questions.

For those who have coins, currency or precious metals (e.g., silver and gold) and want to learn their value, bring them to the coin show to get opinions from a variety of dealers. You can choose to sell at the coin show or keep your treasures for a later date.

There will be coin dealers during the open hours from 9 to 5, but due to long drives or other Sunday evening obligations, several of the coin dealers leave mid afternoon. To find the most coin dealers and the most opportunities, arrive early in the day.

Mark your calendars and visit the coin show this Sunday, February 12, 2012.