More Coin Hints for the December 2011 Challenge

In our New Coin Challenge for December 2011 post we introduced the following picture with a few hints about the associated coin. Have you figured it out yet?

Coin Challenge - Compass for the December 2011 monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Show

Let’s add a few more hints for those who are still thinking about the challenge.

  1. The above device is associated with land obtained from the Seneca and Mohawk Indians
  2. The land was part of the Connecticut Western Reserve
  3. The land contained roughly 3.3 million acres initially

That’s enough to tease the brain cells and make you think about the nation’s history as it was symbolized by this coin.

Have fun figuring out which coin contains this image, whether it’s on the obverse or reverse and what type of metal the coin contains.

As before, the answer will be posted on the main web site with our other coin challenges after the December Monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Show on December 11.

We may add some more hints before the show, then again, we may not!

In the meantime, you can find this coin in the Days of Our Coins book along with a bit of history associated with the obverse and reverse images of the coin.