Bullion: The Friday Metals 11-25-2011

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving week last week. After taking a short break from the atlcoinblog, we’re adding a brief summary of our weekly Friday metals blog post today for last week’s holiday week metals.

It was an up and down week, or perhaps it’s more appropriate to say it was a down, up, and down week.

Let’s review the graphics. First, there’s gold.

Bullion: 30 Day Gold Performance 11-25-2011

Next is silver.

Bullion: 30 Day Silver Performance 11-25-2011

Third is platinum.

Bullion: 30 Day Platinum Performance 11-25-2011

Fourth is palladium.

Bullion: 30 Day Palladium Performance 11-25-2011

They all ended the week down from Thursday’s values on the world market and down from the previous Friday’s close.

From a day-to-day perspective, gold and silver followed similar paths: down-up-down-up-down. Similarly, platinum and palladium performed with a down-up-down-down-down for each day through the week.

Let’s look at the 30-day performance table:

  30 day high 30 day low Nov 25 Last Difference between
High and Low
Gold $1,795.60 $1,676.00 $1,680.30 6.7%
Silver $35.42 $30.90 $30.98 12.8%
Platinum $1,661.00 $1,524.00 $1,524.00 8.2%
Palladium $673.00 $563.00 $563.00 16.3%


Being a down, for the most part, week, none of the metals improved their high values for the rolling 30-day period. On the other hand, all of the low points changed. Interestingly, three of the metals increased their low points as their previous lows rolled off the time period.

One metal, palladium, was the odd metal this week. It continued its decline below that of the previous low point. Perhaps the manufacturing needs for the metal have decreased – could be associated with the flooded Honda facilities in Thailand. That’s simply a comment – not a researched and confirmed truth.

Let’s look at how much the metals decreased week-over-week:

  Nov 18 Last Nov 25 Last Percent Change Dollar
Gold $1,724.80 $1,680.30 -2.6% -$44.50
Silver $32.41 $30.98 -4.4% -$1.43
Platinum $1,592.00 $1,524.00 -4.3% -$68.00
Palladium $600.00 $563.00 -6.2% -$37.00


Both platinum and palladium are the biggest losers for the week with platinum losing the most in dollars and palladium losing the most in percentage.

With platinum’s large loss, the difference behind gold’s value has increased again. Now, platinum is behind gold by $156 when just a year ago platinum was more than gold by over $280.

On a day-by-day, let’s look at last week’s closing numbers:

  mon tues wed thu fri
gold $1,677.30 $1,699.40 $1,692.30 $1,694.80 $1,680.30
platinum $1,546.00 $1,567.00 $1,544.00 $1,537.00 $1,524.00
silver $31.64 $32.77 $31.76 $31.87 $30.98
palladium $589.00 $600.00 $584.00 $576.00 $563.00


Now, just to make things interesting, both the Dow and the metals increased significantly today. Normally, when the Dow increases the metals decrease. But, this is not the first time this year we’ve seen them increase at the same time. Of course, we’ve also seen them decrease at the same time.

Concurrent decreases are partially due to the sell-off of metals to meet margin calls on stocks.

But, why are they both increasing today?

Supposedly, the Dow increased on positive retail news over the long shopping weekend.

Could it be the metals increased due to people purchasing gold and silver as investment gifts?

Or maybe, people gifted themselves with precious metals….hmmmmm.

The metals market continues to be fun to watch!