Post-Coin Show Updates for November’s Show

Sunday’s coin show saw a lot of people – some regulars, some new faces. Welcome to all, and we’re glad you came!

As we do after every monthly coin show, we’ve updated the Greater Atlanta Coin Show’s main web site.

On the coin show’s main page we’ve added the date for the next coin show – and the last one for 2011 – December 11. We’ve also included other pertinent details for the next show. In addition, the Show Dates page now also highlights the next show in addition to all the other information on the page.

For fun and education, we’ve continued our review and charting of the gold and silver markets just prior to each coin show. Our gold charts and silver charts show the ups and downs of the metal markets from the start of the Greater Atlanta Coin Show in 1988 to now. The updated charts reflect the recent market changes prior to the November coin show.

We also posted the Coin Challenge – Washington Monument on the main site. The link to the answer can be found below the hints.   Did you know which coin included the image of the Washington Monument?  (Another hint before you click on the link, the coin is related to the Friday holiday – Veteran’s Day.)

Can you guess the biggest buzz at Sunday’s coin show? You’ll find the answer in the summary of the coin show on the 2011 Notes page.

And, if you didn’t get a chance to review it yet, visit our book trailer to our Days of Our Coins book page which was added a few weeks back.

Head over the the main coin show page to check out the additions and visit some of the additions you may not have seen yet (for example, our FAQs).