Coins – Traveling Hotel Buyers of Coins, Silver and Gold

Over the last few months, there have been traveling hotel buyers for coins in nearby areas.

Earlier, we highlighted cautions about these groups in our posts: Be Wary of Traveling Gold and Silver Buyers and Coin Shows versus Gold and Silver Buyers at a Hotel.

This week, the MyFoxAtlanta I-Team provided some insights into the traveling hotel buyers of gold, silver and collectible coins:

I-Team: Coin Collectors:

These traveling hotel buyers of coins, gold and silver are very different from our monthly coin show.

The only commonality is the coin show is held in a hotel.

Other than that, the coin show is nothing like the traveling hotel buyers of coins, gold and silver.

A coin show brings together many experienced coin dealers into one place. They bring a variety of coins, currency and bullion collectibles to sell. They also will buy coins, currency and bullion at the coin show.

And, if you do want to sell your collectibles, the coin dealers at the coin show offer the best price they can pay, because they are competing with all of the other dealers in the ballroom.

Competition for your collectibles is very healthy when you want to find the best price. Very much unlike the traveling hotel buyers of coins, gold and silver, a coin show provides that healthy competition with many different coin dealers all in one place.

If you are just considering selling your collectibles, the coin show’s coin dealers offer free verbal appraisals for your collectibles, too. The appraisal gives you an idea of what your valuables are worth in the current market.

Be aware, though, the market has changed rapidly in the recent weeks and months – both up and down. The free appraisals will give you a general idea to think about selling. If you choose not to sell, the future value could be higher, could be lower.

If you have coins, gold and silver to sell or are considering to sell, make sure you obtain several opinions of their worth from different reputable dealers before you decide to sell.

As the video shows, getting more than one opinion can make a big difference in how much you get paid.


9 thoughts on “Coins – Traveling Hotel Buyers of Coins, Silver and Gold”

  1. This International Coin Collectors Group came to our town in NY. Scam is not a strong enough word.
    They are owned and operated by Mark Cooper, he came to a local hotel last year, they paid a few cents just above the face value of coins I took in, a huge bag of 1964 and older quarters, he said “You are lucky they have silver in them, don’t take them to the bank and get 25 cents we can pay you double that, 50 cents each. I found out since they are worth $5 each.
    When I went back 3 days later they had packed up and were leaving town, I managed to catch Cooper, he said he had shipped them out, he took my details and said he would call, 12 months later i’m still waiting.
    The company os part of THR & Associates from Springfield, all I can say is beware.
    The manager on the TV is just like Cooper, full of lies and a big smile.
    It looks like they are being copied, the lady offering $150 is also a scammer, probably also part of the THR group, they have all sorts of dreamed up names.
    Seller Beware.

  2. Thank you for sharing.

    It’s sad how they take advantage of people with a smile on their face.

    Your comments will help educate others to how these groups operate.

  3. I went in to an International Coin Collectors Association show and they took VERY good care of me! I had 3 silver dollars that were passed down to me from my grandfather, and they gave me a check for $1,160 because they said I had one that was minted in Nevada, and it was worth more than the other 2. The 2 normal ones were worth $30 each and the Nevada one was worth $1,100.
    I was very pleased with my experience and I am surprised by the outcome of this story. But like they say – don’t believe everything you see in the media i suppose!
    -god bless

  4. If you feel they took very good care of you, that’s good news.

    But, we know that some of the traveling roadshows hire people to make positive comments about the traveling roadshows on blogs where a different, less than positive viewpoint is shared.

    Unfortunately from a blog comment, we don’t know if the story shares a true good experience or if an employee described the story as a marketing defensive action.

    If it’s a true experience, good for you.

    If you are an employee making the comment, then kudos for doing your job.

  5. I went to an ICCA show, and was also treated exceptionally well… Local places offered far less than what the ICCA did…

    Please rewatch this video from the other person’s viewpoint… You will quickly realize this is a biased opinion from an ass of a reporter.

    Go watch American Pickers, they offer quarter of the value… They (ICCA) are a business and a profit must be made… It is ridiculous to think they are out there on the road just to educate you…

  6. I looked on Ebay to see just what a 1894 was worth more sold for less than $1000 than over 1K Hmmm i wonder how the coin shop would do with a secret shopper.38 years in buying and selling ?Father and son gee i wonder if they ever made any money or do they do this as a hobby?

  7. Your first sentence confuses, but it appears you disagree with the value of the 1894 dollar.

    A lot of factors contribute to the value of the 1894 coin.

    Where was it minted – Philadelphia, San Francisco or New Orleans? In most grades, a Philadelphia minted 1894 commands a higher value. On the other hand, a higher grade coin minted in San Francisco or New Orleans can be more than a lower grade Philadelphia 1894 coin.

    What is the condition of the coin? For that year, the condition can range from Very Fine to Proof, and from a coin buying perspective, the values vary within a grade depending on key features of the individual coin.

    As for eBay, be careful. There are many reputable coin businesses selling on eBay. Unfortuanately, a number of counterfeiters sell their “rare coins” on eBay as well.

  8. Individuals who want to sell their valuables, whether coins or something else, need to research their value by asking several different and knowledgeable sources.

    If you had coins to sell, did your research and feel you were “treated exceptionally well” by the traveling roadshow, that’s good news.

    On the other hand, we are aware that the traveling road shows hire people to make positive comments on the various web sites that tell the less flattering side of the roadshows.

    If you are one of those hired to comment positive stories, good for you – you did your job.

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