Coin Show Update to the Web Site October 2011

Yesterday’s coin show was very busy! After the coin show, today was spent updating the main web site with new information about the next show and notes about yesterday’s show.

For example, we’ve updated the coin show’s main page with the next show’s date, November 13, and other pertinent details. The Show Dates page now also highlights the next show in addition to all the other information on the page.

For fun and education, we’ve been following the gold and silver markets just prior to each coin show. Our gold charts and silver charts plot the markets from the start of the Greater Atlanta Coin Show in 1988 to now. We’ve updated the charts to reflect the recent market changes prior to the October coin show.

We also posted the answer to the Coin Challenge – Mammal Tail 1, scroll down the page to find the link to the answer. Did you guess what the mammal was and figure out which coin contained its full image?

We also added highlights from yesterday’s coin show in the 2011 Notes page.

Last, but not least, we added our book trailer to our Days of Our Coins page.

The day(s) after a coin show can be busy – today was definitely one of the busier ones.

Head over the the main coin show page to browse the additions.