Rarer than Gold

After yesterday’s really LOONNNGGGG post, today’s will be short to average them out!

In looking at the Smithsonian’s web site in relation to the Smithsonsian commemorative silver dollar, one of their recently added blog posts was eye-catching.

They have a blog called “Surprising Science.” With all of the recent emphasis on gold in the marketplace, they added a post called, “What is rarer than gold?”

On this blog, we’ve talked about the Platinum Metals Group. Plus, we follow the metals’ performance each week.

In a related vein, the Smithsonian’s blog offers a list of the various “noble” metals that are more rare than gold.

Their list includes platinum and palladium and several other metals as well along with a few of their uses.

“What’s rarer than gold?” is a quick fun read that is educational as well.