Reminder! Show this weekend

This is a quick reminder that the Monthly Greater Atlanta Coin Show is this Sunday, May 23. Dealers set up in the early morning, and the doors open to collectors, investors and guests at 9am to continue until 5pm. Check out our main web site at for more information. In particular, location and directions can be found on the main web site along with  information about the dealers and previous shows.

For those of you who enjoy both coins and sports memorabilia, the North Atlanta Sports Collectibles Show will coincide with the Greater Atlanta Coin Show this month at the Holiday Inn Select. The Sports Collectibles show is from 10am to 5pm. For more information, contact the Sports Collectibles Promoter Frank Moiger by telephone: 678-644-6057 or by email:

Of course, both shows offer free admission, and you are welcome to attend.

See you there!