Pocket Change – Pennies

For years, if people saw a penny on the ground, they wouldn’t bother to stop and pick it up. But, what if a penny found in pocket change is worth more than a penny?

Well, take a look at this article in Numismatic News: New Lincoln ‘P’ Cent Scarce.  When there is scarcity, increased value generally follows.

They comment in the article that many people do not even realize there were four commemorative Lincoln cents put into circulation in 2009. Could it be that many people’s uninterested view of pennies contributes to this lack of knowledge?

Ahhhhh…but perhaps this lackadaisical view could benefit those who are aware not only of the new pennies in circulation but also the scarcity of some mint marks.

The Numismatic News article talks about the fourth Lincoln one cent coin introduced to the public in November otherwise referenced as the Presidency Lincoln cent. It seems those Presidency cents minted in Philadelphia, the ‘P’ mint mark, cannot be easily found even through the banking system.

But what if you find these Presidency cents in pocket change? And, what if they have the ‘P’ mint mark?

Let’s take the easy route first. If you don’t care, then spend ’em, they’re worth a penny.

But, if you are interested in their value as both a collectible and a scarcity, protect the coin from any further scratches and fingerprints. If you have 2×2 coin holders, carefully place each penny in its own holder. If you don’t, protect the coins by wrapping them individually in a soft cotton cloth or in plain white paper until you can properly protect them with numismatically approved coin holders.

Now, how much will your protected pennies be worth? That remains to be seen. It depends on their scarcity, on their condition (since they were circulated), and on people’s interest. Remember, these four special versions of the Lincoln cent produced in 2009 as a centennial commemoration of the release of the first Lincoln cent will not be issued again.

At worst, your efforts will be in vain, and the coins will remain worth a penny. At best, who knows? You could enjoy several thousand percent gain on each penny.

As the general public catches on, maybe the penny will re-gain the respect it deserves. In the meantime, have fun searching your pocket change for those elusive Presidency cents.